As Mastertronic goes bankrupt, Just Flight flies solo

On November 27 UK-based video games publisher Mastertronic announced that it had filed for bankruptcy protection and that it planned to sell its assets to another company.  At the time  managing director Andy Payne told MCV that an investment that should have saved the company from a  Bahrain/Qatar based organization back in February went sideways ... Read more

‘Raspberry Pi Zero’ sells out in first day of availability

The new micro computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation went live last week and sold out in its first 24 hours. The super-cheap Raspberry Pi Zero sold out of its 20,000 units in the first day, according to Tech Radar. The new computer selling out is no surprise given that it sells for £4 in ... Read more

Some interesting data about Black Friday sales

A market study by research firm Infoscout calls PlayStation and Sony the big winners of Black Friday. The annual day chosen by retailers both online and in the real world to host major sales events was dominated by sales of its PlayStation products in two demographics: consumers ages 18 to 35 and ages 36 to ... Read more

Video games blamed for Packers’ string of losses

NBC Sports’ Mike Florio claims that young players on the Green Bay Packers “have a video game problem.” In his latest Pro Football Talk column, Florio says that Green Bay’s 17-13 loss to the Bears on Thanksgiving night, “may have been fueled in part by an addiction to Madden’s billion-dollar video game franchise.” Florio’s comments ... Read more

Judge who struck down net neutrality rules in 2014 will hear case against FCC

This Friday (December 4) the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia will finally hear arguments on why the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet rules (commonly referred to as “net neutrality”) should be struck down. As this Wall Street Journal report points out, both the FCC and service providers (and the trade ... Read more

No Super Podcast Action Committee tonight

Hey folks, just a reminder that there will be no episode of Super Podcast Action Committee tonight.  EZK is off doing family stuff and I have to play Metal Gear Solid V. I have to. Have a great weekend and we’ll stream a brand new Super PAC episode for you next weekend!  And yes, that’s totally ... Read more

Sony killing off ‘PSP UMD Passport’ program in 2016

Sony will ditch its UMD Passport program in Japan early next year, the company revealed this week. The program – which never made it to North America or Europe and was exclusive to Japanese PS Vita customers – allowed those who owned UMD format discs for the PlayStation Portable to register those games through the ... Read more

PSA: GameSpot will stream ‘The Game Awards 2015’ live on Dec. 3

If you are looking for a place to watch The Game Awards 2015 on December 3, you can check out GameSpot. The popular gaming website joins other big names in streaming the event live as it happens December 3rd at 6pm Pacific. The Game Awards 2015 will take place live on December 3, 2015 at ... Read more

Sony confirms ‘Remote Play’ is in the works for PC and Mac

Sony will bring its Remote Play functionality to PC and Mac, according to what Sony’s Worldwide Studios president said on social media earlier this week. In case you aren’t familiar with it, Sony’s Remote Play allows PlayStation 4 console owners to stream and play games via its PS Vita hand-held. When asked about Remote Play ... Read more

2016 ‘Hearthstone World Championship’ prize pool raised to $1 million

If you are good enough to make it into the finals of next year’s Hearthstone World Championship you could have a chance at taking home a substantial amount of money. Blizzard Entertainment announced that the prize pool for the 2016 event has been raised to $1 million. Blizzard also announced that it will be handing ... Read more